As with traditional practices, Raine Designs are committed to investing the time and care required to design, create and produce quality garments for longevity.

Raine Designs garments are mindfully designed and handmade in Perth, Western Australia to ensure each garment meets the optimum standard of luxury.

As a brand they support the slow fashion movement producing in smaller runs to reduce waste and eliminate overproduction. The label is ever conscious of moving towards complete luxury sustainability.

Raine Designs believe that each garment should be intentionally introduced to your collection with items of quality and interchangeability that will last and hold their value. 


Raine Designs partner with Australian fabric importers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth who have long established relationships with local and overseas mills.

The label chooses to foster onshore relationships to support local industry rather than working directly with overseas mills. Learn more about fabrics here.


Raine Designs have assumed made-to-order services on selected pieces. Each piece will be specifically cut and sewn when you place your order online. This practice allows the brand to further reduce waste, without compromising on design.

Anything truly worth truly having is worth waiting for. Please allow up to three weeks to make and deliver.