Crêpe and stretch scuba are uniquely designed fabrics made to last. With their comfort and style these fabrics are perfect for our resort styled loungewear. Our crêpe stretch and scuba allow for ease in movement with their luxurious flexibility and subtle weight adding to its luxe drape.

Hand-Washing Crêpe & Scuba

Due to the delicate nature of crêpe and stretch scuba, these fabrics must be treated with care to avoid damage when washing. In order to have your loungewear look as luxe as when you first bought it, we recommend that you hand wash only. 

  • Turn your garment inside out before washing.
  • Fill the sink with cool water and add scented vinegar.
  • Immerse your chiffon garment into cool water and leave to soak for 30minutes.
  • To rinse, use cool water to run through your garment until the water runs clear.
  • Gently squeeze the fabric (do not wring) to remove excess water.
  • Do not leave rolled-up wet after hand washing.
  • Do not machine wash your crêpe or scuba.
Drying Crêpe & Scuba

Once you have hand-washed your crêpe or scuba garment, it is important to let it air dry.

  • Gently lay the garment flat or on a padded hanger to dry.
  • Do not tumble-dry your crêpe or scuba.
Pressing Crêpe & Scuba

Once dry, iron your Raine Designs garment to remove obvious creases.

  • Use your iron's delicate or lowest heat setting.
  • Iron on the inside of your garment.
  • If you need to iron directly on the front, place a cotton cloth over the area to protect the satin.
Storing Crêpe & Scuba

Crêpe & scuba should be stored in a cool, dry place in a breathable fabric hanging bag. Be mindful of clips as they can potentially mark the fabric.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces when storing and be mindful of jewellery pieces to prevent pulls to the fabric.